Geriatrics at Carolina Medical Care

We specialize in providing care for the older adults who have specific needs and requirements.

Geriatrics is a field specially dedicated to providing high-quality and patient-centered cure and care for older adults. Older adults have specific needs, issues and concerns when it comes to health which are very well addressed by geriatric physicians who are trained to focus on their requirements.

Diseases, illnesses, and medications affect older people in different mannerisms when compared to younger adults. Older patients mostly have overlapping health issues that require multiple medications. Geriatricians can manage their illnesses and develop healthcare plans that attend to the special health issues of older patients.

Like paediatricians specialize in the care of children, geriatricians are trained and specialized in caring for older adults. With ageing, the physiology of the human body changes and it reacts differently to medications. A geriatrician can diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases that are unique to older adults. At Carolina Medical Care our doctors help older adults to maintain healthy lives. 

Manage all ailments that are related to ageing with Carolina Medical Care

The most common medical problems seen in older adults include delirium, falls, dementia, polypharmacy, coronary heart disease, confusion, agitation and so on. At Carolina Medical Care we offer comprehensive treatment for such older patients and therefore geriatrics is one of our main focus area.