Labtesting at Carolina Medical Care

We provide lab testing services for patients which are accurate and helpful in the overall diagnosis of health problems.

Our on-site lab services offer an easy way to diagnose, examine and treat medical conditions. They save patients from travelling to a separate facility and thus save time. We provide lab testing services backed by state-of-the-art technology. We also provide personalized care to enhance your experience of well-being.

Lab testing services are diagnostic tests that are done by using a small sample of your blood, urine and other tissues in order to determine signs and symptoms of any disease. It plays a key role in treatment planning and allows your healthcare provider to gather important information in order to take better care of your health.

Carolina Medical Care works with a commitment to medical excellence by offering modern technology and techniques that enable accurate diagnosis and complete treatment of your condition. There are a wide variety of lab tests done by us.

If you are keen to know about your health condition, reach out to us at Carolina Medical Care.